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Year 5 Herons - Spring 2017 - In English we have started our new book - Cosmic.  We spent some time pretending we were in space; thinking about the take-off and the space journey. We listened to space music and watched clips of space shuttles taking off and travelling through space.  We lay under our tables and wrote as though we were in space with paper stuck to the underside of the table.  In History, we have been learning about the Vikings; their lifestyle, homes and wars, as well as many other aspects.Year 5 Blog Vikings 2 Spring 2017Year 5 Blog Vikings Spring 2017


Year 4 Pelicans - Autumn 2016 - This term Year 4 entered the land of Narnia.  We turned our classroom into the snowy world of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  We made a giant Aslan from leaves and the wardrobe doors through which Lucy enters this magical world.  We created lampposts in DT, linking this to our electricity topic in Science, making and connecting electrical circuits to light the bulbs in the lampposts.  We had a Saxon day where we used OS maps to locate Saxon towns and villages. We made jewellery, tried on Saxon clothes and looked at some artefacts to find out about Sutton Hoo.

Year 4 Blog 3 Spring 20171

Year 4 Blog 6 Spring 20171

Year 4 Blog 8 Spring 20171

Year 4 Blog 9 Spring 20171


Year R Puffins - Autumn 2016 - This term Puffin Class have also been learning about the seasons.  For our focus book The Little Red Hen we acted out the story using actions and props. For Harvest Festival we performed 'The Farmer Plants the Seeds' and made headbands to show the types of fruit and vegetables that can be harvested.  In Maths we have been matching numerals to the correct number of objects. Year R Puffins Blog Autumn.Spring 2016.2Year R Puffins Blog Autumn.Spring 2016


Year R Robins - Autumn 2016 - This term Robin Class learnt all about the seasons.  We started with an Autumn walk around the school grounds and collected objects such as leaves, acorns and bark.  Our focus book was The Little Red Hen. In Maths we have been learning to count to ten and to recognise the numerals 0-10. In our PE lessons we have been learning the importance of keeping healthy and how to move in different ways and different directions.Year R Robins Blog Autumn 2016

Year R Robins Blog Autumn 2016.1


The children and staff at Park Primary took part in fund-raising for Sports Relief 2016 with an energetic Dance-Athon. An incredible £465 had been collected by the end of the day.  Thank you to everyone who helped us support such a worthy cause.  March 2016

Spring Term 2016 236


New Year at Park Primary School started with Friendship Week - The whole school worked together on team building activities and being creative. Everyone enjoyed learning lots of new skills and making new friends.  The children and the staff had a fun week producing some amazing artwork which is on display around the school. 

Friendship Week Jan2016 156 

Friendship Week Jan2016 67

Friendship Week Jan2016 24


Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 children entertained their parents at their ukelele concert.  The children have had a wonderful time this term learning how to play and compose pieces for the ukelele. December 2015 

Year 2

Year 3 3

Year 4


Park Primary School's Homework Exhibition

The children and their parents rose to the challenge with the new term's homework assignments which were based around the topic that the children had been learning about in their classes.  Over a four week period the children have submitted a variety of projects to support their learning.  All the children had submitted work for their class which was then displayed at the Homework Exhibition, attended by parents and all of the children.      October 16th 2015   

Year 1 Homework Exhibition - The Seasons-Awesome Autumn and Little Red Riding Hood

Homework Exhibition Oct 2015 083


Year 2 Homework Exhibition - The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

Homework Exhibition Oct 2015 080


Year 3 Homework Exhibition - Stone Age, Iron Age and Fossils

Homework Exhibition Oct 2015 074


Year 4 Homework Exhibition - The Minpins

Homework Exhibition Oct 2015 066 


Years 5 and 6 Homework Exhibition - Ancient Greece and Theseus and The Minotaur

Homework Exhibition Oct 2015 068

Homework Exhibition Oct 2015 072 


Year R and Year 1 Children meet Mill Cottage Farm animals, September 2015



July 2015

Rushmoor in Bloom

The Alice in Wonderland Garden